Plans to add six more apartment buildings to a complex next to Los Potros Mexican restaurant in Silver Creek are moving forward with a recommendation to deny from the Rome-Floyd Planning Commission.

The Floyd County Commission is scheduled to make the final ruling following a public hearing at its June 25 meeting.

Silver Creek Holdings LLC is seeking multi-family zoning for 6.64 acres on Wax Road at the corner of Midway Park Road. Mike Price with MAP Engineers in Chattanooga told the planning commission Thursday it’s needed to construct a septic field.

There already are four apartment buildings on the site, which is not served by public sewer. Price said the addition of six more buildings with four units each would include improvements to the existing apartments, their septic lines and drainage.

Price said some of the property would be used to buffer the development from the existing homes on Midway Park Road. At least one section would have a 10-foot vegetative screen.

“The neighborly thing to do is come in here and construct some trees,” he said.

But neighbors turned out to oppose the development on property they said frequently has standing water. They also objected to the additional traffic on the two-lane dead end road leading to Midway Park and a county remote dump station.

Tim Mathis added that the existing apartments aren’t well-maintained and there’s often garbage on the decks and household possessions piled up outside.

Price, whose expertise is in stormwater retention, said he’s confident the plan will address the drainage problems. But he said the additional apartments are needed to produce the funds to improve the development.

Planning Commission members, however, voted 7 to 1 to recommend denial.

Charles Love favored the rezoning, saying the land where the apartments would be built is already zoned for multi-family. The additional acreage is needed to house the septic field.

Planning Director Art Newell said there were multiple concerns during a staff review, including the density, new traffic and water flow for fire suppression. Planning Commission Anthony McClain also mentioned the human angle.

“A significant issue is the community, and the condition of the apartments already there,” he said. “We can’t regulate that.”

Seven residents from the Gibbons Street area in Rome also attended the Thursday session to oppose plans for mini-warehouses but the petition from Patrick Cash was withdrawn.

The planning commission recommended approval of two other applications that will go to the County Commission: A propane tank filling station for delivery trucks at 7648 New Calhoun Highway, and neighborhood-office-commercial zoning for a lawyer’s office at 200 Chatillon Road.