Bailey Family

Lauren and Michael Bailey hold their new baby at Floyd Medical Center on Sunday, a day after Anna Katherine was born in their car on Martha Berry Highway while the couple was on the way to the hospital. (Diane Wagner /

Lauren and Michael Bailey had their first child at home, under a midwife’s care. Their next three children were born at Floyd Medical Center.

The couple’s fifth child, Anna Katherine Bailey, was born in their car on the side of Martha Berry Highway as they were on their way to FMC.

“We tried to have her at the hospital,” Lauren said with a smile on Sunday — the day after Michael cradled his newborn daughter’s head in his hands, wrapped her in his fleece pullover and placed her on Lauren’s chest until the ambulance arrived.

“This one was by far the quickest,” he noted.

Anna Katherine, who weighed in at 9 pounds, 9 ounces, was hale, healthy and happy as she snuggled with her parents Sunday.

Lauren said they were at home when her water broke, and she had experienced no pain until then.

“Within five minutes we were loaded up in the car. Ten minutes later we were in front of the mall … and I had to push right away,” she said.

Michael said when Lauren yelled to stop the car, he pulled over and called 911 immediately. Her seat had been reclined and, when he looked over, he saw the baby’s head. That’s when he jumped out and went to work.

“It was instinctual,” he said. “Everything nonvital shut down. I knew I had to get the baby’s head supported and the mom and baby warm. I didn’t notice anything else.”

Anna Katherine was born in about three minutes, he said, and the ambulance was there a minute later. When they reached the hospital, Michael was able to finish the job by cutting her umbilical cord.

“So I feel blessed,” he said, grinning at his wife.

The couple celebrated their 10th anniversary on Friday and have two more birthday celebrations coming up. Isaiah turns 2 today and Joseph will be 9 on Dec. 26. Their other children are Taylor, 7, and Levi, 4.

Michael works in the IT Department of Floyd County Schools and Lauren teaches part time at Rome Civic Ballet.