Rome High drama students are putting a twist on Charles Dickens’ Christmas classic by injecting a fairy-tale touch into each role, especially with the Big Bad Wolf playing as the formidable Ebenezer Scrooge.

“A Fairy Tale Christmas Carol” will open for the public Saturday at 7 p.m. A second performance will be Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Each performance will take place at the school’s auditorium at 1000 Veterans Memorial Highway.

Tickets can be purchased at the door, and will run adults $7 each and students $5 each.

Wednesday was the final dress rehearsal for students, as they will perform for middle school students Thursday.

Teacher Kelly Hill is directing the production, which follows the same storyline as “A Christmas Carol” but with fairy tale characters taking on the roles. It’s a tad bit more fun and lighthearted than the original, she added.

Drama students are taking on the acting roles, while members of the school’s acapella group will play the Christmas carolers and sing all the classic tunes of the holiday.

Hill found the script online and thought it was really cute, she said, and decided to bring it to life. It really got the students laughing as they read over the script for the first time, she continued.

It’s been interesting having Christmas music filling the air since October, when rehearsals started, Hill said, but the festive mood is picking up.

Adding a holiday show following the one-act play earlier this year is aimed at providing students with another opportunity to perform before the spring musical, Hill said.

Drama teacher Angelica Delzer handed the reins over to Hill for this production after recently having a child, but she has helped in the process of bringing along a young cast of over 40 freshman. It’s been a really good opportunity for the younger kids, Hill said, as they dig into the fine details of what it takes to act.

There is some adult humor in the show, Delzer said, but nothing to compromise the family-oriented nature of the show.

Students Ella Brumbelow and Christian Simon, who play Cinderella and Prince Charming respectively in the roles of Bob Cratchit and Mrs. Cratchit, said the show differs greatly from some of their recent performances.

“Afflicted: Daughters of Salem” was one of Brumbelow’s last shows she acted in, and her current role is more easy-going than her last, she said. Simon said there is just a lot of energy and enjoyment in this play and is happy for a reprieve from the serious.  

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