Floyd County and Rome City schools are coming together to bring the needs of their students to the finger tips of community members through an Atlanta-based phone app called Purposity.

The official launch will be Friday and the app will allow community members to help students with individual needs while keeping the student’s information completely private.

The joint effort began when social workers from the two local systems found the program and saw it being used in nearby districts, Superintendent of Floyd County Schools Jeff Wilson said.

“We get calls all the time with people or groups asking what can we do for you,” Wilson said. “We have been trying to find a way to get students something without identifying the students.”

“It doesn’t say the kid’s or school’s name,” Rome City Schools Superintendent Lou Byars said. “Anyone in the community who is signed up for the app can fill those needs.”

The app is available to be downloaded in the Apple and Android app stores. Once downloaded, users will set up an account using an email and password.

There is an option to enable push notifications which will send a weekly notification with a list of local needs. Lastly, selecting Rome City/Floyd County Schools will enable users to see the needs of local students.

School counselors will submit a student need to the Purposity app and will add their own verbiage, package the content and post it on the app, Lenora McEntire-Doss, Public Relations Coordinator said.

The average cost is around $40 but could be less.

Potential requested items could be pants, shoes, backpacks and more.

Once an item is purchased by a community member, Purposity sends the item via Amazon to the school which then gives it to the student.