Sherwin Williams Manager Hunt Quinlivan and Assistant Manager Shontae Johnson

Sherwin Williams Manager Hunt Quinlivan and Assistant Manager Shontae Johnson count the number of blankets they have received as part of a blanket drive for East Central Elementary students. / Rome City Schools

Students at Elm Street Elementary School will be toasty this holiday season thanks to Sherwin Williams at 420 Shorter Avenue.

The business has hosted a blanket drive and donated what they’ve currently collected to the school and will take donations until Friday.

Hunt Quinlivan, Sherwin Williams Store Manager and his wife Dana, a second grade teacher at Elm Street Elementary, were trying to come up with ways they could give back to their community when they stumbled upon the idea of a blanket drive.

“My wife Dana and I were talking one night about ways we could help the students at Elm Street, especially before the holiday break,” Hunt said. “She mentioned donating blankets to students, so we slept on the idea for a few nights. After a few days of brainstorming we came up with the idea of hosting a blanket drive here at Sherwin Williams where the community could also get involved.”

Hunt, along with the help of his Assistant Manager Shontae Johnson, set up a donation corner in their store where customers and other members of the community could come in and drop off their blanket donations.

“At school, we are so focused on instruction and making sure the students are getting what they need academically. But to be able to do something like this and treat them as not just a student but a whole person by being able to provide for their basic needs, it drastically impacts their learning experience,” said Dana.

If you would like to contribute to the cause, you can stop by Sherwin Williams and drop new blankets or make a monetary donation.