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Rome City Schools back in session with great start

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Students’ names blared over the loudspeaker Friday afternoon at the new Anna K. Davie Elementary School.

Principal Parke Wilkinson stood on the bus ramp at the rear of the East Main Street school, ensuring one final student made it for the ride home. A walkie-talkie in hand, Wilkinson watched as the school’s going-home strategy played out on the first day back at school.

“We’re wrapping up a great day,” he said. “The end of the day is the most hectic.”

The first day of school always brings stress. Add to that a brand new school and more parents than usual lining up to pick up their child.

“This is what’s so great about having school on Friday,” Wilkinson said, noting he’ll tweak the end-of-day plan over this weekend. “Next week you come back right at it.”

Wilkinson was pleased at the ease his students and staff settled into the new school. He showed surprise at how well things went, noting little went wrong other than a quirky door lock that let him spin a key 360 degrees.

“I kept my fingers crossed because I didn’t want to jinx myself,” he said.

The first day of school also went well for Kristin Teems, the new principal of East Central Elementary School.

Like Anna K. Davie, East Central had lots of parents line up to collect their children. She anticipates those children will ride buses or enroll in after-school programs in the near future.

“I think it’ll run even quicker and quicker as time goes by,” Teems said.

Staff had no problems arise at the Dean Avenue school Friday, and students dove into their lessons.

“It was amazing,” Teems said. “We’re looking forward to a wonderful year.”

Rome City Schools Superintendent Michael Buck said he was pleased with the first day of school.

“It’s really gone well for us,” he added. “A few minor transportation issues, but overall a very smooth opening.”



Floyd County — Wednesday

Berry College Middle & Elementary — Thursday

Providence — Aug. 7

Unity Christian — Aug. 10

St. Mary’s — Aug. 11

Montessori — Aug. 13

Darlington — Aug. 17


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