When Rome City Schools students return to classes after winter break, they’ll be picked up by RCS’s own district wide transportation system.

“The only difference is the buses are yellow,” RCS spokesman Josh McClure said.

RCS has been working on their own transportation system for many years. Until recently, Rome Transit Department was in charge of transportation for students and would send out RTD buses to pick up the kids.

“Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to merge out as we are evolving as a school system,” McClure said.

According to McClure, nothing is truly changing. The routes, pick up times and bus numbers will all be the same. The only difference is the buses will the classic school bus yellow.

RCS will be sending out a pamphlet titled “Rollin’ with RCS 2020, Bus Safety” to students to take home to their guardians and parents before they leave for winter break next week.

“Our biggest priority is the safety of the students and drivers,” McClure said.

The pamphlet goes over the safety procedures of the new buses and most importantly, emphasizes the importance of “stopping for yellow buses.” RCS will be sending out a message through their all call system on the last day before Christmas break on Dec. 20 and on Jan. 6, the day before students return to classes.

The message will notify parents and guardians about the new transportation system and to keep their eye out for yellow buses.

“We (RCS) are very excited about this so keep your eye out and stop for yellow buses,” McClure said.

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