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Prevatte looks for life of helping others

When he was younger, Kordell Prevatte would help take care of his great-grandmother, instilling in him a passion for helping older people. And once Prevatte graduates from the Georgia School for the Deaf on Wednesday, he will be one step closer to turning that passion into a career.

The 19-year-old is from Augusta and has been at the GSD for five years, staying on campus during the school year. Following graduation, he will head back home to attend Augusta Technical College, to major in nursing.

Prevatte wants to be the person who can provide comfort and assistance to those in nursing homes who may not have a family there for them.

It was hard when he started at the school for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, Prevatte said, as he was hours away from his family.

But eventually he grew into the environment, getting more involved and making friends, who got a load of his jokes over the years. “I love to make people laugh,” he said.

But what Prevatte most enjoyed was his involvement in cleaning and serving for special events, like a caterer.

“I just love to help,” he said, specifically with the dishes.

One of his fondest memories is serving cakes he and others in his cooking class made for a school Christmas party.

Prevatte also was a member of the Beta club and at times served as manager for the boy’s basketball team. He said he would have liked to play sports but medical issues held him back.

Prevatte anticipates being nervous when his name gets called for him to get his diploma, but he said there will be a moment of relief that he completed high school.

GSD’s commencement ceremony will be held on the campus, 232 Perry Farm Road, in the Whitworth Gymnasium, starting at 2 p.m.

Since day one at the school, Prevatte said he has been counting the days to graduation, and when Wednesday comes, he won’t have to keep count anymore.