North Heights Elementary School will be getting a weather station soon, thanks to a $1,500 donation from Georgia Power.

Hank Adams of Georgia Power presented the check to North Heights on Wed nesday as a recognition of North Heights’ STEM program.

The program gets its name through its emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.

“When North Heights invited us to their first engineering day last fall, we were excited about this,” said Adams. “This is our future workforce.”

North Heights’ approach is to get students interested through hands-on experiments in class.

“Most kids make up their mind at a very early age about what they want to study,” said Adams. “If you can show them real-life examples they get more excited about STEM education and want to continue in these fields. Companies like Georgia Power are ready to hire them.”

The students at North Heights are always excited about the prospect of STEM days, when the whole school gets involved in different types of experiments to utilize the things they learn, such as building bridges that can withstand weight, making their own play dough or building small buildings.

“They love the hands-on lessons,” said Ginger Rowston, parent coordinator for North Heights. “They love to show visitors their experiments, too.”

Principal Tonya Wood agreed.

“So many of the students ask when the next STEM day will be,” Wood said, laughing.

The weather station is expected to include equipment to read barometric pressure, amounts of rain, wind and will even allow the students to spot trends in the weather.

“It will be linked to a computer, so they will be able to check average temperatures for the month or the amount of rain or the number of days in a month we’ve had rain,” said Wood.

The school may even get some added responsibility in the bargain.

“We’ve been looking for a school to become the point school for weather emergencies,” said Angela Guilford, STEM coordinator of Rome City Schools. “This weather center could do that. North Heights could keep us up to date on weather.”

The school is hosting another Engineering Day on May 9, according to Row ston.

“The students are very excited,” she said. “It will be a fun day. I am hoping some of our community can come to see what the students can achieve.”