Victoria Gonzalez

This year, I have learned a lot about math. Counting and having to times stuff together is hard, but I’m good at it. One of my favorite memories is a field trip where we walked to school. There was ice cream! I think Ms. Bradford is going to keep helping her kids learn this summer. I will miss her in second grade. I am excited to meet more nice people in second grade next year. I love Elm Street and it is my favorite school because it is fun here!

Celeste Adair

I have learned math and I like to do Study Island. I got 100 all blue ribbons this year, too, and I am on the Wall of Fame. One of my favorite memories is going to Makerspace. I enjoyed the Marble Run most. I think my teacher, Mrs. Greenway, is gonna be with her kids at her house this summer. She likes watching TV so that’s what she will do to enjoy her vacation. I am excited for more math and more learning next year in second grade.

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