Third grade Armuchee Elementary students and their families were in the media center, hallways and classrooms of the school partaking in different math activities Tuesday during the first ever Math Celebration.

“We wanted to show all that the kids learned this year and to also show that math is fun,” third grade teacher and Math Celebration creator Elisha Lindner said.

Lindner set up four stations for students to rotate through that focused on different math concepts they had learned throughout the year. A station dubbed the strike out dice game brought Hunter Thrasher, Jennifer White, math specialist for Floyd County Schools, and Shaelie Hall together for an exercise designed to sharpen the students mental math skills. The trio took turns rolling a pair of dice, tallying up their score as they went. Thrasher said he had to reset his score to zero because he rolled a pair of ones, or snake eyes, and had to start over.

Students like Riley Millican and Slayter Arrington went out to the hallway to measure how high they could jump by placing a piece of tape on the wall above their heads which marked their reach. Both boys then took turns jumping as high as they could to place another piece of tape on the wall and then measured the distance between the first piece of tape and the second in centimeters.

Before the activities began, students performed skits and sang skip-counting songs in Lindner’s classroom for their families. It’s an event Lindner said she hopes to bring back next year.