Main Elementary School construction

Red brick is being laid on the new Main Elementary School building on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The school is scheduled to be completed by August according to city school Superintendent Lou Byars. / John Popham

Those driving down Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard recently may have noticed progress on the new Main Elementary School building.

Superintendent for Rome City Schools Lou Byars said the project is on track despite recent rain.

“Even with the amount of rain, we are still on schedule come next school year in August,” Byars said.

There is also a continued hope for good weather so crews can move furniture and equipment into the building, Byars added. However, there are a few more steps to complete before inside work can get underway.

First, the roof must be complete, which Byars reported at January’s board of education meeting was close to being done. The other is to finish outside work, which includes brick work.

Workers have begun laying red brick on the outside and inside the complex, Byars said over the phone on Friday.

“Once they are inside they will move along a little faster,” Byars told the board in January. “We are ready to be in that school.”

Once Main Elementary is done it will house all of the students currently at North Heights Elementary School on 26 Atteiram Drive. There will be no students at North Heights Byars said Friday. The building will be remodeled to house the sixth grade academy as part of another ELOST V project.

The only remaining part of the old Main Elementary building will be the building housing the kitchen since it was remodeled before demolition. The construction manager at-risk for the project is Carrollton-based J&R Construction, who will also be the construction manager at-risk for the future College and Career Academy which is scheduled to break ground later this year.

Spencer Lahr contributed to this report