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Lemonade War brings fun, competition to Elm Street

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The first-grade hall at Elm Street Elementary School was as busy as an ancient bazaar on Friday, as the Lemonade War took hold between five classrooms, each with a recipe they felt worthy of each taster’s approval.

There were Fairy Tale Freezies, Mrs. Loveman’s Luscious Lemonade and Blue Monster Berry Lemonade. Along with teacher Ashleigh Tatum’s class’ strawberry lemonade smoothies and cotton candy infused lemonade from teacher Ashley Green­way’s class.

The competition is connected to a book on the reading list of the first-graders, “The Lemonade War,” and kicks off the entrepreneurship activities the students will be involved in this year, said Elm Street Elementary Assistant Principal Laura Walley.

Each class had a booth set up outside of their classroom along with materials for making, dressing or serving the lemonade.

Hand-drawn advertisements plastered the walls or walked the halls, with some students donning large sheets of paper with holes cut out for them to stick their heads through.

Ice cream was an ingredient in Tatum’s and Gina Loveman’s classes’ lemonade; though, teacher Gina Loveman would not disclose anything about her class’ recipe except for the key being simplicity.

“Simple is best,” said Loveman, who told tasters, “If you’re smart you’ll vote for us,” before giving them a roll of Smarties.

Some classes opted for some more extravagant creations, such as teacher LeAnn Bradford’s students opting for Sour Punch candy straws to compliment their Blue Monster Berry Lemonade, which included blueberries and pomegranate. At the end of the hall, Greenway’s students put to use their cotton candy machine by wrapping Dum-Dums lollipops in the whipped sugar that would then be stirred into a cup of their lemonade.

A handful of students would work in shifts in the hall with their teachers, while students and teachers from other grades stopped at each booth for their sample. Each taster was given a ticket, which, after they’d tried every offering, would make it into the bucket of their preferred stand.

At the end of the day, the final tally of tickets pointed to Ashley Anglin’s class as the winners with their Fairy Tale Freezies, which were not so frozen.

Anglin said the lemonade mixture was supposed to be put in the freezer but, by mistake, was placed in the fridge. The jello-like concoction pulled through and put this year’s bragging rights in the hands of her students.