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Twenty-five French teens who speak English and are from professional French families (ages 14-18), want to come to Georgia from July 9-29; however, each student needs an American host family who will provide room and board (host families are compensated), hospitality, and friendship. The sponsoring organization hopes that an American family will incorporate the French teen into the family’s summertime activities such as trips to the pool, lake, backyard barbecues, local sporting events, neighborhood get-togethers, etc. These teens from Paris to Provence want to experience American life first-hand and they are fully insured, come with ample spending money for all expenses outside of the home and speak English. Also, French students can be taken out of town.

These are a few of the students interested in visiting Georgia:

Alexis C.(male, age 16) is from Bry sur Marne, a town close to Paris. He plays tennis twice a week and also enjoys soccer and baseball. Alexis is in the scientific program in school: he wants to become a doctor and so is studious. He has a 13-year-old brother and his parents are divorced. His father is a sales director and his mother a general practitioner.

Matthieu M. (male, 17) is from Juvisy, close to Paris. He loves speaking English and traveling — last year he spent a year in Nova Scotia and loved it (hence, his English is very good). He loves soccer, playing video games on his PS4, and his golden retriever Milka. He has a big brother Guillaume (18) and a little sister Pauline (13), who has a serious illness, but goes to a normal school because “she likes to do everything everyone else does.” His father is a financial adviser and his mother is at home.

Theo S. (male, 17) is from the town of Ermont, in the northern suburbs of Paris. He is in the scientific program in his high school. He says he likes many sports: soccer, tennis, swimming, golf, sailing, fishing, baseball, basketball (but his favorite is soccer). He likes animals (he has a cat), says he is artistic, likes to cook and is sociable. Although he has traveled to many exotic places, he has never been to the USA. Theo is an only child and his father is a civil servant (customs) and his mother is in communications. He lives with his mother.

Victor B. (male, 19 in July) is from Baldenheim, a town in Alsace. He enjoys cycling, fishing, baseball, camping, bowling, animals and mechanics. He says he is passionate about aeronautics and aerospace “mainly in electronics” and is preparing to be an engineer — he is a serious student. He has a 13-year-old sister and an 11-year-old brother. His mother and father are both school teachers.

Linda Farmer of LEC Atlanta, a retired French teacher, along with a French chaperone, will oversee the program sponsored by Paris-based Loisirs Culturels à l’étranger. For more information, contact Farmer at or call 770-973-2452. Also, see Facebook: “Host a French teen from July 9-29.”