HackBerry Lab, an innovation space that supports Berry College’s Creative Technologies program, now has a website up and running.

The idea behind the site is to introduce students to the wide variety of jobs available in their field.

Creative Technology is a blend of technology, design thinking, computer science and business. This major was introduced at Berry five years ago.

Zane Cochran, the professor over the program, explained that his students have gone on to start careers in information technology, programming and education technology.

“One of the reasons we wanted to create this site is because there is a wide variety of jobs our students can get into. This site we created, and that they contributed to, helps students narrow down the opportunities available to them,” Cochran said.

Featured on the site are design job listings, student portfolios and student resources.

Cochran expressed that he believes this will be just as helpful to parents and incoming students as it is to those who are graduating, by answering the question of “If I come to Berry and do this, what is next for me?”

“I’m excited for the potential and possibility to create a connection with our community,” he said. HackBerry Lab has plans to form community partnerships that could encourage Berry students to stay in Floyd County and work with local businesses.

For anyone looking to see the website for themselves, it can be found at hackberrylab.com.

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