Local Police Tape

Floyd County police are currently looking for two individuals involved in an altercation at the Burnett Ferry Quick Stop which caused nearby Alto Park Elementary to go into a "soft lock down."

According to Sgt. Chris Fincher of Floyd County police:

Two men were involved into a fight at the gas station. When one man fell a gun fell to the floor. One of the two men grabbed the gun and fired a shot inside the store. Both men ran from the scene and police are sweeping the area for the men.

According to Rick Flanigen, chief security officer for Floyd County Schools, principal Suzie Henderson made the decision of putting the school into soft lock down. All doors to the school remain locked and no one is allowed to come or go, he said. The students still continue going to classes and have a normal school day he said, unlike a hard lock down where students stay inside their classrooms until a threat is over.

An update from Floyd County Schools at 2:24 p.m. advised the school has come out from the soft lock down. The system sent out an advisory that the school had entered a soft lock down at 12:11 p.m.