GHC continues STEMFIT ‘math boot camp’

After is first year last year, GHC is continuing the STEMFIT “math boot camp” this summer. Its aim is to help incoming high school dual enrollment students or college freshmen start at a collegiate mathematic level of pre-calculus or higher.

“In order to complete a STEM pathway in a timely manner and maintain momentum toward graduation, students should at a minimum start with pre-calculus,” Dean of the Division of Mathematics and Computer Science Melanie Largin said. “Often times, students enter at the lower college algebra-level but can take an exemption exam if their SAT/ACT scores are high enough to then get to pre-calculus.”

The camp is one week at GHC’s Cartersville location with classes Tuesday through Friday from July 9 to July 12. The camp costs $25, but if a student takes the free in-house exemption exam offered at the end of the camp, they will receive a refund of $20. In order to qualify to enroll in the camp students must have an ACT of 22 or higher or an SAT of 550/28.5 or higher. STEMFit is sponsored by the GHC Center for STEM Learning and a University System of Georgia STEM Initiative grant.

Largin stated there are many perks to participating, including working one-on-one with college professors, learning in a real college classroom, and getting the opportunity to bypass college algebra saving time, money, and putting students one step closer to graduation.

STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. STEM relates to academics and careers focused in corresponding fields.

For more questions or to register, contact or call 678-872-8099.