Georgia Highlands College

Georgia Highlands College’s Campus Police department is streamlining its efforts to respond to safety needs and requests with a centralized dispatch center. The new number for all GHC campus safety needs is 706-295-6347.

“GHC decided to start the dispatch center to give the campus police one universal number as opposed to the five different numbers platform we were previously using,” Chief of Police David Horace said.

The dispatch center, contracted through the National Association of Campus Safety Administrators, will centrally dispatch all campus police calls for services to each of GHC’s locations, except Marietta.

“The new, centralized model will help GHC Campus Police efficiently, effectively, courteously and promptly receive and record requests for police service while also rapidly dispatching police units and disseminating critical information,” Horace added.

When calling the new dispatch number, callers are presented with three options. Option 1 is for emergency situations. Option 2 will put a caller in touch with a campus safety officer, for non-emergency needs, while option 3 will reach out to Chief Horace directly for non-emergency requests.

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