Rome City Schools will have their first board meeting of the new school year Tuesday where several new policies will be brought before the board for first reading.

The board will caucus at 4 p.m. in the superintendents office followed by the regular meeting at 5:45 p.m., both meetings are open to the public.

During a planning session earlier this year, the board was given several policy updates — 17 to be exact — to review and have been holding first hearings on the policies over the past few months. Due to the volume of policy updates the system has approved them in batches.

None of the policies are new, and according to Assistant Superintendent Dawn Williams, the system recently went through and updated language in many of its policies as well as looked for items which could be purged — such as corporal punishment which the board terminated earlier this year. These updates could be as short as a word or line and as long as a paragraph.

For example, the board will review the system’s medication policy with an addition that says nurses can give students levalbuterol, a type of inhaler used for shortness of breath or asthma attacks. The system’s policy on field trips will also be updated to include the requirement that all field trips be approved by the superintendent beforehand.

Tuesday night’s meeting will also have the first reading of the Fiscal Year 2020 strategic plan, which Williams and the board has been working on since May. The plan will outline what the board wants to accomplish including increasing diversity in honors programs and better communication with parents.

The board also plans to discuss enrollment for the new year, education local option sales tax collections, career technical and agriculture grants and other items.

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