Elm Street Elementary School hosts Genius Hour

Miguel Guzman and Nathan Avina give a smile to the camera during Elm Street Elementary School’s Genius Hour.

Elm Street Elementary School students grades four through six participate in something called Genius Hour once every month.

This hour gives students an opportunity to work hands-on with multiple different interest-based activities.

“Genius Hour is a time that allows students to explore their own passions and encourages creativity in the classroom,” explained Brant Amerman, assistant principal at Elm Street. “It provides our students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time during school.”

“Genius Hour began as an opportunity for us to incorporate STEM-like activities into our lessons every single month,” he said. “As we started to develop activities, we began reaching out to our teachers and asked them to put together an activity they enjoy and one they would be willing to share with our students.”

Genius Hour is an opportunity for students to explore and preview what lies ahead at Rome High School, said Amerman. Not only do teachers dedicate their time during Genius Hour to teach a group of students their chosen craft, but leaders from the community volunteer their time, as well. In fact, members of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office traveled to Elm Street, allowing students the opportunity to meet one of their working dogs.

At several stations, Elm Street students were busy making products that will be available for purchase on their Facebook page, the Elm Street Kids’ Enterprise. Some of the items for sale are things like sugar scrub, jewelry, slime, play-dough, ornaments, dog toys, and more.

All purchases made will go back into Elm Street’s Genius Hour fund to help with purchasing materials and other items the students need to participate in this program.

“Eventually, we hope to donate a designated amount of our profits from Genius Hour products to community service organizations that our students select throughout our community,” said Amerman.

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