Fantastical elements combined with creative prop making were tools Darlington fourth grade students used for their stories which were on display during this weeks 2019 Fourth Grade Fantastical Storytelling Festival.

Elisabeth Lawson, the fourth grade literacy teacher, said the students were finishing up two months of work on their stories which could be about anything as long as it held a fantasy element. Lawson said her students spent time learning about the intricate parts of storytelling including creative writing, character description, themes, story climax and plot structure.

They were all able to put those story types into their final work she said. Lawson said she also went outside with the students and had them listen to birds and study clouds to work on their descriptive skills.

“I really wanted them to grasp how to describe something to the reader,” she said.

The students designed the props and sets for the festival and used a variety of different mediums to tell their stories. Ty Wood built a baseball field to tell his story about two teammates competing to be the team’s catcher. Cara Black used wooden spoon puppets to narrate her story “Trapped in a Book.” The set for “Battle of the Congo” created by Tripp Dunn used interchangeable backgrounds he slips in and out while he told the story of a family living in Africa during the Congo Crisis.

Fourth grade is still a very creative year Lawson said, and she wanted to give them the chance to express their creative side through this exercise. Each student came up with their own ideas. They also designed their own sets at home and if they got done with the sets early they turned their story into an iMovie which was displayed on an iPad.