Of the Floyd County College and Career Academy students in the certified nursing assistant program, more than 96 percent will go on to pass the state examination to become certified for work, according to a news release from the school system.

Also, with more students applying to nursing school than the number of applicants accepted, students must set themselves apart from other candidates. This level of competition is coupled with demanding entry requirements.

Through the CNA program at the CCA, high schoolers jump into their field with hands-on learning opportunities, preparing them for prospective colleges and universities, showing their commitment to the profession, proving that they know the demands of the job and demonstrate that they can handle them.

With most colleges and universities requiring CNA certification as part of their nursing program admission requirements, students can be set on track for furthering their education and possibility of finding work.

Participation in the CNA program also allows students to work closely with healthcare professionals, identify mentors, gain practical hands-on experience while interacting with patients in the clinical setting, gain employment, and determine if nursing is a right fit before investing precious time and money into a college program.

Their valuable work experience and content knowledge gained through coursework propels them towards becoming successful nursing students in post-secondary programs. In addition to becoming solid candidates for nursing school, our CNA students are well-prepared to make a difference in the lives of people and feel personal and professional pride.