Battle of the brains

Armuchee Elementary students sit on the left side of the Quiz Bowl table across from the Johnson Elementary School team in Berry College’s Krannert Center on Wednesday morning. The two teams, along with the other school teams from the county, competed by answering trivia questions during the 18th annual Quiz Bowl. / John Popham

Seated in conference rooms around the Berry College Krannert Center, teams made up of Floyd County Schools’ gifted fifth-grade students competed for the first-place Quiz Bowl trophy.

Five students sat across from each other, hands on buzzers, which they pressed if they thought they knew the answer to a question asked by the quiz master. In room C, Johnson Elementary School’s all-girl team squared off against the second Armuchee Elementary School team.

The teams were asked questions about capitals of South American countries, spelling, naming simple machines, identifying parts of a play, perimeters of shapes and more by Judy Roebuck, gifted education teacher for the school system.

Each question was worth 10 points, and bonus questions with two parts were awarded five points per correctly answered part. The deliberation between team members in room C was timed by Macy Morris, a junior at Pepperell High School. Dahlia Sanford, another junior from Pepperell, kept an eye on which team buzzed in first after Roebuck asked the questions.

This is the 18th year of the FCS Quiz Bowl and it is a student-favorite event, said Allison Espy, coordinator of the quiz bowl.

The gifted middle school students participated on Wednesday with the fifth grade having their day on Thursday. Each room was staffed by central office and high school volunteers.

“The high school students remember doing this,” Espy said.

McCall Govignon, director of advanced programs, assessment counseling and guidance said it is good for the kids of the gifted program to meet and interact with other gifted students across the system.

“This isn’t something they get in other classrooms,” she said. “This prepares them for those high school classes and the academic decathlon.”

Garden Lakes Elementary took home first place, scoring 605 points overall, with Johnson Elementary in second with 565 points and Armuchee Elementary in third with 492.5 points. The middle school winners were Armuchee Middle in first, Model Middle in second and Pepperell Middle in third.