Floyd County Schools

Floyd County Schools just completed the construction of the new gym at Armuchee High School, a $10 million project according to Superintendent Jeff Wilson. While members of the Armuchee community are excited about the new gym, he said, the work is far from over.

At a called school board meeting Tuesday, the school board discussed the next steps to completely renovate Armuchee High. The entirety of the project is estimated to cost around $35 million over four years.

According to school officials, there are four phases that need to be completed.

The first phase is focused on athletic improvements, which are currently budgeted at $3,308,620. The cost accounts for a new 400-meter track, a new synthetic turf football field, new stadium lighting, fencing, and others.

The goal, according to Steve McClune, the architect who works with contractor Southern A & E, is to be completed with Phase 1 by the summer.

Second phase will be replacing the roof at the high school, projected to cost $3,238,578. The roof needs to be completely torn off, according to the budget study presented to board members.

In the summer of 2022, FCS will begin the third phase, the second part of the athletics improvements. This will be to renovate the school’s existing practice gym, making more stadium improvements, and renovating the field house.

Finally, the fourth phase, which school officials hope to begin in the summer of 2023, is the complete modernization of Armuchee High School. It’s the most costly part of the entire project, with the price tag depending on which approach the system chooses to take.

The cheapest option would be to move students and teachers out of the school completely and place them in mobile classrooms. This phase would reduce the timing of the project to one year, costing the system $26 million.

The second approach would be to rotate students and teachers and break the project up into four parts. That would cost about $27 million.

The last approach would be to complete the project over a course of four summers. This would be the longest option and the most expensive, costing around $29 million.

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