Kaidence Marques

My favorite subject is computers because we can learn by using the programs. I have been learning extra math during our computer class. Wonder Woman is my hero! She can fly and she helps people when others are mean to them. I want to be a basketball player because I like the shooting part. I also like to dribble and play defense. I play basketball for my team, the Royals.

Khylin Pembleton

I have to say that my favorite subject is small groups because on Friday we get to use our Chromebooks. I am already learning second grade subtraction! And I like recess. My hero is definitely Stephen Curry! I can shoot just like he can. I am just too young to play in the NBA right now. I am almost seven now, so I am going to start getting ready to join the NBA when I grow up.

Mason Monroe

I like to learn about space, so I guess science would be my favorite subject if I had to pick just one. Science is fun and we get to learn about the atmosphere. It only takes eight-and-a-half minutes for the space shuttle to get into space! My hero is Spider-Man. I like him because he got his powers from a radioactive spider. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up. Actually, can I change that to Spider-Man? Well, first I can be a person who is bitten by a radioactive spider. Then I can pretend to not be Spider-Man and then I can study space as an astronaut. That can be my cover. That would be perfect. I can use my webs to pull me down to earth and defeat the bad guys.

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