Zayden Moore

In first grade I learned that people help me out and that we always have fun in our class. My favorite memories are going on field trips and also, we make stuff. We make flowers and grass in our class because they are growing. I loved going to the Chattanooga Zoo and the Tennessee Aquarium too. I liked the beluga whale and whale shark the best. My teacher for first grade is Ms. Jackson and I think she will get free time and stay at home every day. She will probably have a water day too. I would like to have a water day. I think work won’t be so hard in second grade, that’s why I’m excited.

Gracelynn Phillips

My favorite part about first grade is for sure the friends I have made. I have great friends and I love seeing them every day. I will be sad when summer comes. In first grade we learned our times tables. I think that was my favorite memory was learning math. Times tables was hard, but math is okay. My teacher is Ms. Jackson and I think she will spend her summer at the beach with her kids. She needs some time off. I am so excited for second grade! I am excited because I can’t wait to meet my new teacher and to be able to read at the next level!

Charleigh Vaughn

I don’t really know what I have learned in first grade. I like science and learning about how plants grow. We got to grow some grass and plant our own seeds. My favorite thing we did in first grade though was going to the Chattanooga Zoo! I loved the chimpanzees; they were funny monkeys. I think my teacher Ms. Jackson will play with Collins and Davis, her kids. I think they will play in their backyard at home. I am most excited to read new books and learn some new things that are easier in second grade.

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