Brinton Kilgore

“In first grade I didn’t really learn a lot that I remember. I’ve had a few hard math questions, but I really don’t remember those! My favorite memory I think is when I first came to first grade. Like when I met my teacher and I got to see my own seat and probably learn. I think my teacher Ms. Oliver will go to the beach and go swimming. I am excited about second grade because we will be doing a lot harder stuff than I was in first grade. And I’m probably gonna be expecting what’s coming in second grade because I have been working on hard stuff already.”

Aiden Holdbrooks

“I have learned division on my math tests in first grade and that was tough. You take 15 divided by something and it’s something, but I don’t know it. My favorite memory was taking our challenge field trip. We went to the Creative Discovery Museum and I was so excited because we got to see a dragon that was underground! We were the only group to see it, and to hit the gong, too. My teacher is Ms. Oliver and I think she will spend her summer probably swimming in a pool somewhere. I am excited about second grade because it is second grade. And maybe that I get to read better books because I want to read Harry Potter.”

Ashfa Kalavant

“I like reading! That is what I learned in first grade, is that you get to read and sometimes that you get to learn new things. Well, I think the field trip that we went to the ECO Center was my favorite memory in first grade. We got to pet animals and saw animals. My favorite animal was a turtle. We saw a crocodile, but I didn’t pet it. My teacher is Ms. Malcom this year and I think she will go to the beach. She will swim with the turtles and dolphins. I am excited for second grade because I get to read new books and have more fun!”

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