Kenyon Esmé

My favorite thing to do here at East Central is read and write. I love to write my own stories and make up my own characters. When I am done, I can read it out loud and in my head at the same time. One of my favorite teachers is Mrs. (Krista) Hall. She is my favorite because she loves writing about stuff and so do I. When I grow up, I want to be a scientist and learn about animals all around the world.

Jessica Morales

I like to learn math, because it is fun and you can learn how to count and draw. My hero is Ms. (Amanda) Stover because she is nice and she cares for us. I want to be a nurse when I grow up because I want to help other people so that they can be good and healthy.

Douvian Dukes

I have learned money and time in first grade. My favorite was learning how to count money. I have a lot of favorite memories, and the best is when me and my friends play at recess and have fun. I also like going on our field trips. The aquarium and museum was my favorite. I liked that we got to see broken airplanes and look inside of them and stuff. Ms. (Nikole) Houser is my first grade teacher and she told us she was going to spend her summer with her dog. She is going to take him to the park and walk him and stuff. I can’t wait to meet my new teacher and hear what we get to do in second grade.

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