N’zihya Hutchins

My favorite subject is mostly math. I like to do story problems, because they are like mysteries I get to solve. My favorite teacher is Ms. (Rachel) Royal because she taught us how to multiply two-digit numbers. I want to be a rapper when I grow up because I really like to rap. I haven’t started writing them yet, because I still thinking of them. I am planning on doing a rap for EC Has Talent next year.

Maverick Sy

Mary Grace and Marshall are two of my heroes. They are my classmates. They are my heroes because they always help me with my school work. My favorite thing to do here at East Central is to learn new things and to have fun. I especially like learning how to tell time and how to count money. I want to be a dentist when I grow up because I want to help people by showing them how to care for their teeth.

Mary Grace Drummond

My favorite subject is math and I like all of the students here at East Central. I like math because you can learn new stuff, like how to regroup and you can add and subtract. My dad and Jesus are my heroes. My dad is my hero because he protects me and he plants stuff for us. Jesus is my hero because he died on the cross for us. I want to be a vet and a doctor when I grow up. I want to be a doctor because I like helping people and animals.