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Coosa High School wins 2014 Academic Decathlon

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The Coosa High Academic Decathlon team retained its title as champion of the Floyd County Schools Academic Decathlon competition at the 2014 competition.
Coosa finished strong in the Friday event and returned to the winner’s circle for the 21st time in the last 25 years.
The team regained the title last year after a two-year absence from the podium. Prior to that, Coosa had enjoyed an eight year run as school system champion.
Layton Hayes of Coosa High was the highest-scoring individual participant this year with 3,880 total points.
The theme for questions was World War I.
The Coosa High team members this year are: Sedona Baranchok, Zach Coffman, Shelby Dowdy, Layton Hayes, Nathan Johnson, Avery Jones, Dean Noren, Devin Rhodes and Griffin Watson.
Alternates were Andrew Dulaney, Emily Fickett, and Daniel Royer. The Coosa High team was led by coaches Randy Vice and Bill Daughtry.
Coosa High finished the day with 22,600 total points, Pepperell High finished second with a total of 21,880 and Model High came in third with 20,280.  
All school teams topped last year’s winning total.
As the first-place finisher, Coosa High will represent Floyd County Schools in the state competition in February.
Also, Pepperell and Model are now contenders for a wild card entry into the Georgia finals.  Wild card entries are selected based on team point totals from local competitions. 
The Academic Decathlon features competitions in language and literature, math, economics, social science, music and art along with an oral Super Quiz contest.

Team Winners
First Place:  Coosa High School
Second Place: Pepperell High School
Third Place: Model High School

Individual division placements were:

Top Individual Scorer
Layton Hayes, Coosa High School

First Place Overall (individual)
Honors - Layton Hayes, Coosa High
Scholastic -  Dean Noren, Coosa High

Varsity - Bill Crowe, Pepperell High


Second Place Overall (individual)

Honors -  Braden Gilliland, Model High
Scholastic - Deven Rhodes, Coosa High
Varsity -  Savannah Crabbe, Pepperell High


Third Place Overall (individual)

Honors -  Nathan Johnson, Coosa High 
Scholastic -  Will Jacobs, Armuchee High
Varsity - Daniel Askew, Pepperell High 


Overall individual category high scorers in the competition were:


Language and Literature

Honors: Layton Hayes, Coosa High  

Scholastic:(tie) Cameron Sharpe, Pepperell High and Dean Noren, Coosa High

Varsity: Bill Crowe, Pepperell High 



Honors:  Zachary Jenkins, Model High
Scholastic: (tie)Emily Fickett, Coosa High and Tripp Bishop, Model High

Varsity: Shelby Dowdy, Coosa High  




HonorsLayton Hayes, Coosa High   

Scholastic: Graffton Flock, Pepperell High  

Varsity: (tie) Masumi Askew, Pepperell High and Josh Colombo, Model High



Social Science

Honors: Layton Hayes, Coosa High
Scholastic: Will Jacobs, Armuchee High 

Varsity: Savannah Crabbe, Pepperell High 



Honors: Nathan Johnson, Coosa High 

Scholastic: Tripp Bishop, Model High 

Varsity: Kaydee Spears, Model High 



Honors: Braden Gilleland, Model High 

Scholastic: (tie) Graffton Flock, Pepperell High and Samuel Patterson, Armuchee High

Varsity:Daniel Askew, Pepperell High     



Honors: Braden Gilliland, Model High
Scholastic: Deven Rhodes, Coosa High  

Varsity: Daniel Royer, Coosa High  


The mission of the United States Academic Decathlon is to promote learning and academic excellence among students of varying achievement levels by developing and providing multi-disciplinary academic competitions using USAD-based curricula.