Rome actor Jeffery Self to appear on NBC’s ‘30 Rock’

Jeffery Self

Rome native Jeffery Self will appear in a leading role in tonight’s episode of the hit NBC television show “30 Rock.”

Self plays the cousin of Tina Fey’s character, Liz, who comes to live with her in New York City.

“Basically he runs away from home and comes to live with her,” Self said. “And without giving too much away, she spends the entire episode trying to get rid of him.”

Self, who’s family still lives in Rome, moved to New York to pursue an acting career has recently been featured in his own web-based show on the Logo network. But Thursday’s appearance on the Emmy Award winning “30 Rock” is the most prominent television appearance of his career.

“I auditioned for the part back in November,” he said. “I got it and we filmed for a week in New York on location at Times Square and the ‘30 Rock’ studio in Queens.”

Self said he shared several scenes with the show’s star Fey who is also the show’s creator.

“I’d never done anything that big,” he said. “It was very surreal to be there in that apartment that she lives in that I watch every week. She was really great, very nice.”

Self filmed only one episode but shared some scenes with actor James Franco as well as “Today Show” host Matt Lauer.

The “30 Rock” episode featuring Self airs tonight on NBC at 9.