E. Lee Phillips

E. Lee Phillips, a minister and author, works in Floyd County.

Humanity was forever changed when Moses brought down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments. Here were rules not to be violated, rules to live by.

An ethical and moral bottom line to all this is this: is this God’s will for my life? You have to ask yourself if your behavior would be honoring God. Is it good not only for you but also fair to others? What if that which you feel must be done secretly were to be known openly? Will anyone else be harmed in any way by what you do? How would your conscience react?

Some things in this life you cannot take back. You can try to repair the hurt but the reality is you must live with the results.

There are some places where you do not belong and some people you should not be around. Those are not your values. One always starts somewhere to stray and it is better not to start at all.

If everybody is doing it, are they doing it down at the church? Serious church worship and meetings of prayer have stabilized more people than this world dreams of.

Ask yourself if you can pray about the matter?

You were meant for greater things than the cheap enticements of temptation. We reap what we sow, the one sowing to the flesh, as the bible puts it, “shall of this flesh reap destruction.”

Can’t you see that great consequences from small matters grow, for good or evil?

Methodist pastor Charles Allen, in “God’s Psychiatry” said his theology professor said “about fifty percent of all human misery is caused by violating the commandment stating one shall not commit adultery. Many students found that hard to believe, but Allen said after decades of counseling in a church study, on the telephone and by mail, that his professor was right.

Adultery is a violation of the marriage vow and faithfulness to each other. Do you believe any sexual experience outside the marriage bond is adultery? It is wrong because it hurts people and shatters families. A casual affair is never that.

The technological age presents new temptations for viewing pornography and secret rendezvous. They won’t last. You won’t find the fulfillment you seek by working the wrong side of the tracks.

Our ethical lives are always linked with our faith, our conscience, prayer and bible study. I know people, and so do you, who do things we could never agree to.

They have their reward but alcohol, drugs and lust exact a heavy toll. You were meant for better things. Do you think the pursuit of pleasure at the cost of peace of mind is worth it?

Two timing your spouse is marital suicide filled with guaranteed tears of remorse. You are better than that. The Holy Bible, the church, the Christian faith all exist for many reasons. Search where you belong, pray and wait. There are more options than you may now see and always an open door where God is standing in forgiving love...waiting.

E. Lee Phillips, a minister and author, works in Floyd County.