First Christian Church, 209 E. Second Ave., will hold an Ash Wednesday service today at 7 p.m. For more information contact the Rev. Craig McDonald or the church office at

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Trinity United Methodist Church will host a Q&A discussion with author Gregg Lewis after the viewing of the film “The Insanity of God,” on Sunday at 5 p.m.

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President Donald Trump recently pledged, once again, to dump restrictions on church political activity, a move that a local pastor fears would make religious institutions “beholden to the money that is dragging our politics around” and risks “sacrilegious” idolizing of political parties over…

Anyone downtown around 12:30 p.m. Sunday was not imagining things when they saw cowboys, a mariachi band, twirling dancers and a boy and girl resembling the peasant farmer Juan Diego and the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Eight years ago, in the midst of the Great Recession, members of Silver Creek United Methodist Church started Jesus Jam as a way to help out their community. Now, the event continues as a gathering for anyone looking to have fun and enjoy fellowship.

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Faith, passion and work ethic. These are the three things Benjie Mathis said he hopes he has imparted in the youth involved in Student Fusion at Pleasant Valley South Baptist Church.

I grew up in Orangeburg, a small town in central South Carolina — cotton fields, mustard sauce barbecue, hash on white rice, pigskins, Gullah brogues, spit-worthy gnats, sour weed and shirt-ruining heat.

One of my favorite men of the Old Testament is David. Here was a man after God’s own heart. He was a shepherd, poet, musician, valiant soldier, priest, a dear friend, husband, father and king.

Naivety is an admission no one wishes to share, but it is a quality we all possessed at one time in our life. Some hold onto it longer than they should. Life (and usually silence) cures it.

Last week I did something I haven’t done in decades. I stopped by the animal shelter and just strolled through the facility, looking at the hundreds of forlorn-looking animals that had been abandoned. I wasn’t looking for a pet; I have one already. I was returning from a recycling event whic…

We were sitting in church. My sister, three years my senior, persuaded me to pretend I was putting my money, given by Mom and Dad, into the offering plate. I listened. When we got home, she told my parents what I had done. One finger-pointing moment later, she was in trouble.

Less than a week after our Easter celebration and already the trumpet is silent. The flowers on the churchyard’s cross have wilted in the heat or blown away in wind and rain. Lilies and chocolate eggs sit sadly on the discount rack. Yet Easter is only the beginning of the good news! Whatever…

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