Many of us make resolutions, and many of us fail. It’s expected. But what if this year, instead of a resolution, instead of saying goodbye to a decade and rolling another page on the calendar, what if we made a dedicated change?

Instead of diets or buying new fitness equipment, instead of working more hours or getting that new shiny item, what if we were focused on contentment? What if we focused on becoming at peace with ourselves and realizing the happiness in our moment? Too often, it is “I’ll be happy once this is paid off”, or “I’ll be happy when I lose those ten pounds”, etc. etc. Trouble is the item gets paid off and something else takes its place, or those pounds fall off but we’re determined for more (or they don’t fall off and we’re even more upset)

For 2020, I wish you joy and happiness that comes from within, that light that shines when you’re content with what you have at this very moment – realizing that so many may be wishing for the things that you already have. Instead of worrying about where you are on the social ladder, or where you rank in the material list, slow down and take it all in. I’m willing to bet that there are so many things in your life to be grateful for.

Find them, list them in your heart, and hold them dear.

I appreciate all of Rome. This community has such heart and soul. Namaste, tribe.

Tina Samuels is an Ayurvedic Bodywork Specialist, Clinical Aromatherapist, and Reflexologist in Rome and Calhoun. You can contact her through her website at

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