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100 Years Ago


As it appeared in the Fifty Years Ago column in the Sunday, Feb. 19, 1967, edition of the Rome News-Tribune

At an enthusiastic mass-meeting of Rome citizens held this week fifty years ago at the courthouse resolutions were adopted calling upon the city commissioners to provide a site for the federal armor plant.

The resolutions called for a bond issue, if necessary, to provide a free site for the plant and urged legislation to provide it. Plans were underway for the reception in Rome of representatives of the armor plant who were visiting the cities under consideration for the gigantic plant. The Rome Woman’s Club urged civic-minded individuals to sweep the streets clean of litter and to remove clutter and mess from their yards during their visit.


The news that the Darlington School campaign must be carried to success or failure within the next 10 days, and that $20,000 additional was needed for the success of the movement to construct a greater Darlington in DeSoto Park, was of great interest in Rome. Those interested in the campaign were determined to spare no effort and were planning to make a thorough canvass of the city in an effort to assure the $80,000 institution.


William Bradford Jr., the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bradford, was christened this week half a century ago at the home of Miss Fannie Wood. John Berry was the infant’s godfather. … Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woodruff announced the birth of a son, who was named Robert Thomason Woodruff for his maternal grandfather. … Mr. and Mrs. C.N. Featherstone named their newborn daughter Juliet Cumming Featherstone. … Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hull named their young son Burnett Norton Hull for his maternal uncle.


A tea dance given by the dancing class of Miss Wemore at the Woodman’s Hall was a delightful affair fifty years ago and was attended by a number of young folks who composed her classes. A happy feature was the special dance “The Ballet Girl” by little Elizabeth utter, attired as a ballet girl.

Rose-colored lights and potted plants made the hall inviting as did the music by the Rhodes orchestra.

Those dancing included Misses Katherine Daniel, Tot Moultrie, Dorothy Van Dyke, Lila Willingham, Louise Shamblin, Sara and Diana Meyerhardt, Dorris Morris, Sarah Glover, Ruth Montgomery, Susan Marsbury, Elizabeth Strange, Gladys and Mava Wadsworth, Helen Morrison; Messers. LeRoy Glover, John Jervis, Allison Ledbetter, Battey Coker, Fred Abston, Earl Shamblin, Dick King, Rowell Stanton, Robert Rogers, Joe Roser, Sydney Bowie Wesley Shropshire, James Weems, Guy Cothran, Sim Magruder, Roy Echols, Walter Futrelle, Mims Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Doyal and Dr. and Mrs. William Winston.