100 years ago as presented in the January 1919 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

A fourth member of the unfortunate Howard family — this time the five-month-old baby, died t the Red Cross emergency hospital on Broad Street, where she had been since her removal from the “chamber of horrors” on Fifth Avenue where both parents and her little sister died of influenza and neglect.

Only one more of the Howard family of five — a girl of three years, remains and she was not expected to survive, the others having died in a little more than a week since their arrival in Rome from South Georgia.

The grandfather of the remaining orphan, a broken, gray-haired old man came here from Moultrie after he had read an account of his son’s death in the Tribune-Herald. He left with the bodies of his son, the wife and mother and the other child who died last week.


The second of a series of games of basketball will be played in the Rome Athletic Club.

The season opened last Tuesday with two very interesting games being played. The Gold Bricks and Darlington were winners in their respective contests. In this game these two teams clash for supremacy, while RHS and the Gophers fight it out for the lowest place. It is understood that Darlington has been practicing hard for the past week as well as the Gold Bricks. so Rome basketball fans will have an opportunity to witness a hard-fought contest when these two teams take the floor.

Last week a good-sized crowd was up to witness the games but more fans are expected for this game. Ladies are admitted free. Members must show receipt of recent issue, others must pay 25 cents.


A new class will be started in the first grade of the Central Primary School, taking up the year’s work just as has been done by classes starting in September. This class is for beginners and parents who have children who are of school age or will reach school age in a few weeks. They should start them to school now instead of waiting until next September, says Walter P. Jones, superintendent of the city schools.

The class starting now will continue in the first grade until the middle of next year, giving nine months to the completion of the grade, and will be promoted in the middle of the of each year. This mid-year promotion will be made each year with the class making the same rate of progress and doing the same work done by classes and training in September. When school opens next fall there will be only one first grade class to enter in the central school, so children who have reached school age since September should enter now.


America’s largest dirigible, the C-1, terminated its successful flight from Rockaway, N.Y., Naval Air Station to Key West. The big “blimp” was sighted at 2:45 and was lowered into the hangar at the local air station probably at 3:00. The distance of approximately 1,200 miles was covered in 29 hours at an average speed of 48 miles an hour.

Thousands of persons witness the arrival, which was made amid the roaring of guns and the din of whistles and ringing bells in celebration of the event. The entire trip was made under favorable weather conditions, it was stated, and without mishap except for slight trouble with the steering mechanism which necessitated a stop at Georgetown, S.C. The trip was made during the daytime, except for a few hours of night flying occasioned by early starts from Brunswick, Georgia, at 4 in the morning and from Rockaway.