As printed in the December 1918 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

At the corner of Broad Street and 4th Avenue, a large touring car owned by Mr. McGill and driven by Miss Tarvin, of North Rome, ran into a car driven by Mr. Davidson, of the Jervis-Davidson drug store.

The impact was heard for several blocks, and quite a crowd gathered, and while but slight damage was done to either car, it was 10 or 15 minutes before the McGill car could be extricated from the Davidson machine. Both autos were able to leave under their own power.

Miss Tarvin claims that she was blinded by the glare of an approaching streetcar and did not see Mr. Davidson, who was leaving the store. Mr. Davidson made every effort to avoid the collision with the approaching machine, which was said to be running at about 15 miles an hour in the thickest portion of the busy business district. Besides Miss Tarvin, there were two other ladies riding in the front seat.


Because of the appearance of influenza in a mild form, Shorter College closed, and the students left, not to return until after the Christmas holidays. The college will reopen on Jan. 2.

President Van Hoose and speaking of the matter said: “We kept the college free from influenza until last week, when it made its appearance in a mild form. We had 14 cases, and we feared that if it would spread to the other members of the student body. Our infirmary is not large enough to take care of more than a limited number, so we thought it best to close the college until after the Christmas holidays, which are near at hand. The girls who are ill will remain at the college until they recover. All are rapidly getting better and none are seriously ill.”

The students scattered Sunday and Monday to their homes in various parts of the state and of the South and outgoing trains were crowded with fair young passengers.


Thomas Hineman, age about 18 years, gave bond in the sum of $200, having been arrested on a warrant issued by Justice W.W. Hawkins, the charge being kidnapping his little 6-year-old brother.

It seems that the father and two brothers were living near the Anchor Duck Mills, and the mother of the two boys dying, the father took unto himself a new wife, obeying the biblical instructions that it is not well for a man to be alone.

The elder son did not like the mother, and the grandfather of the little boy prevailed on him to bring a little boy to his home. Hence the warrant of the father on the kidnapping charge.


“I have not renounced anything and not signed any document whatever,” declared Frederick William Hohenzollern, who still claims the title of crown prince of Germany, in a conversation with the Associated Press at the pastor’s cottage where he is interned in Oosterland, Holland. He declared however that should Germany decide to be a republic he would be content to return as a simple citizen and would be happy to work as a day laborer in a factory, if thereby he might assist his country. The crown prince said he regarded the war as lost after the first battle of the Marne, and advised peace then, even at the cost of Alsace-Lorraine.