As presented in the January 1919 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

The peculiar accident happened at the corner of Sixth Avenue and Broad Street.

The work car was coming up Broad Street pushing a flat car loaded with material or gravel and rounded a turn at Broad and Sixth Avenue just as a Ford delivery truck, owned by Mr. Ward, a merchant whose store is in the Fourth ward, came by.

The flat car jumped the track, and making the curve, smashed into the truck, pushing the delivery truck ahead of it down the street.

As the car was traveling slowly and making the turn, the impact was not so great, nor was much damage sustained by the delivery truck.

A young man was driving the Ford came through the accident without injury.


Clifford Anderson of Rome, is one of 21 wounded soldiers who arrived in Macon and are in the hospital at Camp Wheeler.

All of the men were in the thick of the fighting and all are suffering from severe wounds received during the battles last October.

Private Anderson pays a high tribute to the Salvation Army and to the other organizations which assisted the wounded men in the trenches.


Recorder Treadaway dismissed the case against Walter Garrett, charged with larceny, it being alleged he had taken a rubber overcoat and other property at the Rome Machine and Foundry Company’s plant. There was a lack of evidence to convict.

Then the court got down to business on the piece de resistance of the day, and heard the cases made against Asa Brown, a taxi cab driver, and Grady Angle, charged with violating the speed limits.

Brown had a case made against him for speeding on Jan. 6 by Officer Selman and on Jan. 8 by officer McDonald.

It seems that Brown imagines Broad Street was built for his special race discourse.

Recorder Treadway fined Asa Brown $25 on the charge made Jan. 6. Why he became faint hearted on the second charge made two days later is beyond the bounds of understanding, but he tacked on the magnificently heavy assessment of $2.50.


The War Department tonight made public another list of American soldiers reported to have arrived in France from German prison camp at Rastatt. They include Florida, Taylor G.  Scott, Bradentown; Georgia, John E. Ellington, Thomaston; Lewis P. Chapman, Ellaville; Enoch A. Smith, Waco; William I. Graton, Dallas; Martin G. Smith, Rockmart.