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50 Years Ago


Sunday, Nov. 26, 1967

Bob Jones institutions claim 14 family members

When the Hufstetler family of Rome gathers for a family reunion this Christmas there will be 14 members present who have attended Bob Jones University or Bob Jones Academy in Greenville, S.C. Three of these are enrolled this fall as freshmen in the university, and one was graduated from the school in May.

Enrolled at present in the university and academy are seven grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Hufstetler, 1504 Calhoun Ave. Three of the Hufstetlers’ children attended the university or academically and all four of them married MJU students.

Their eldest daughter, the late Mrs. Helen Clough received her bachelor of arts degree in 1943. Mr. Clough, who is an instructor in the academy, received his bachelor of arts degree in 1940 and his master of arts degree in 1947. Three of their children are in the present student bodies: Sherman is a university sophomore, Janice is an academy junior, and Sonia is in the eighth grade at the academy.

Hollis, the Hufstetlers’ second child, lives with his wife and family of 2612 North Broad St. he is married to the former Joyce Evans, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Evans of Rome. She received her bachelor of arts degree in 1952. Two of their sons are enrolled at the university: Gregory is a junior and Steven a freshman.

Their third child, Dorothy, attended the Bob Jones Academy 1938-40. She is now Mrs. Roy White of Shannon. Mr. White attended the School of Business at BJU. Their eldest daughter, Linda, received her bachelor of arts degree in may. Their daughter, Brenda, was enrolled as a freshman in the university this fall.

The Rev. Charles Hufstetler is the Hufstetlers’ youngest child. He received his bachelor of arts degree in 1947 and his master of arts degree in 1948. His wife is the former Joan Hough, who received her bachelor of arts degree in 1947. They are missionaries to the Philippines, but at present are on furlough and residing in Ypsilanti, Mich. Their son, James, is a freshman at BJU.

Monday, Nov. 27, 1967

Cyclists face wrath of Florida governor

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (UPI) – The governor of Florida was waiting as the sheriff led “Mangy,” “Crazy John” and “Super Squirrel” off the plane from Detroit.

“You left that girl hanging to a tree, and I want to make an example of you,” Gov. Claude Kirk told the bearded members of the Outlaws motorcycle gang.

“I guess you guys know we’re not going to tolerate this in Florida,” Kirk lectured the youths, dressed in dirty jeans and boots.

On Kirk’s orders, Sheriff William Heidtman had flown to Detroit to aid in the arrest of Donald (Mangy) Graves, 18, Detroit; John (Crazy John) Wadles, 24, Warren, Mich.; and Joe (Super Squirrel) Sorsby Jr., 19 Houston, Tex. Bonds were set at $10,000 with arraignment scheduled for today.

The three; along with two others already under arrest, are accused of nailing Christine Deese, 18, of West Palm Beach to a tree limb for withholding $10 from a club members.

Praising Heidtman for a “job well done,” Kirk said “this bunch of bums has got the word they’re not welcome in Florida.”

Wednesday, Nov. 29, 1967

Coosa wins opening cage tilt

Coach Bob Brannon got his coaching career off on the right foot Tuesday night as the Coosa Eagles came up with a 56-50 victory over Red Bud, while the Eaglettes suffered a setback, 71-35.

Brannon, who starred at Berry College for three years, was somewhat fearful of his team going into the first game, but his players soon removed this fear from his mind after a slow start and raced to the victory.

It was a plus factor all the way as the Eagles dominated the boards, scored on better than even terms with the more experienced Red Bud squad and even displayed some bench strength when foul trouble arose.

Red Rose, who has at least six games under its belt, started the contest as if they would capture the top honors, but Coosa came back strong in the second and third period to put the game out of reach.

Coosa trailed after one period, 11-12, but went out at halftime with a four-point advantage, 32-28. The third frame was even more favorable for the eagles with a total of 13 points and a 45-34 lead. The margin was cut somewhat in the final period, but it was never in doubt about the winner.

Brannon was particularly pleased with the ball handling of his squad. “I was really worried about their ball handling, but they proved me wrong and I hope it continues,” he said.

John Crane was cited for a top notch contest on both offense and defense. He ripped the nets for 16 points which tied for top honors with Jimmy Wyatt. John Nance collected 14 counters.

However, Brannon was even more pleased with Ronnie Rose, a sub, who came off the bench and completely took control of the boards with 11 rebounds and scored seven points.

Wayne Weaver was the game’s high scorer with 25 points while B. Hunt had 13 counters.

The Eagles picked off 45 rebounds during the night while Red Bud had only 20. Coosa also hit 36 percent of the shorts from the floor.

In the girls’ game, Coosa gave a big fight for a period, but couldn’t stay with the Red Bud girls in the final three frames as June Weaver paced a devastating attack.

Weaver scored 37 points during the night to easily capture scoring honors, while sophomore Sheila Floyd came up 20 points for the losing Eaglettes.

Thursday, Nov. 30, 1967

Winners named by Seven Hills

Winners in the Seven Hills Duplicate Bridge Club’s weekly games are announced as follows:

Monday night – North-South: Mrs. C.M. Moore and Mrs. W.R. Pittman, of Calhoun, first; Mrs. G.E. White and Mrs. E. Scarborough, second; Mrs. Lee Mann and Mrs. W. Watson, third; Mrs. Alfred Jones and Mrs. Curtis High, fourth;

East-West: Mrs. John Yancey and Mrs. Frank Rhinehart, first; Eric Martin and Bob Nelson, second; Mr. and Mrs. W.T. McCowan, of Cedartown, third; Mrs. Scott Reed and Mrs. William Rowston, fourth.

Wednesday afternoon – North-South: Mrs. W.W. Watson and Mrs. J.T. Glover, first; Mrs. Doug Bagley and Roy Floyd, second; Mrs. Frank Hunt and Mrs. D.J. Bell, third;

East-West: Mrs. Joe Roser and Mrs. J.S. Keith, first; Mrs. G.E. White and Mrs. Alfred Jones, second; Mrs. John Yancey and Mrs. Frank Rhinehart, third.