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100 Years Ago


As presented in the Fifty Years Ago column in the Wednesday, August, 23, 1967, edition of the Rome News-Tribune

From overriding toes to chronic appendicitis, from inherited disease and acquired disabilities, a physically unfit crowd of registrants for the draft faced Drs. Levi P. Hammond and Turner McCall this week fifty years ago at the courthouse.

Of 92 young men examined, no less than 43 were found physically unfit for service, the Tribune-Herald reported, and even among those found to come within the requirements of the army, the skill of the tailor had added much to their clothed appearance.

The husky country boy and the stalwart city lad were chiefly conspicuous by being somewhere else, but when they did put in an appearance, they were loaded with exemptions, claim affidavits until their pockets bulged, the daily newspaper said.


One morning fifty years ago this week, about 10 a.m., a horse belonging to the city became frightened while at the stables on West First Street and dashed out on Broad Street at Sixth Avenue. The animal had been left hitched to a wagon, but somehow the tongue had snapped at the trace, causing the broken parts to drag after the horse. When directly in front of the P.J. Henderson’s grocery store, the horse attempted to enter the store, and had the wagon tongue not been struck with a sack of flour, a serious accident might have resulted as several persons were in the store at the time.

After running down Broad Street to Fourth Avenue, the wagon tongue struck an iron post in the street, throwing him to the ground. He was raised by a group of persons who had been nearby and returned to the stables.


The city of Rome formed its first Civil Service Board this week a half century ago with five Romans named to it. They included J.H. O’Neill, John M. Graham, H.R. McClatchey, J.D. McCartney and J.M. Bradshaw. … “The Little American,” starring Mary Pickford, was playing this week this week at the Elite Theatre. Admission to the photoplay was five and 10 cents. … Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Towers and daughter Alice, had returned from a visit to St. Simon’s, owing to an accident which befell John Maddox, who broke his arm while there. …


Over 150 Romans honored several Rome officers, recently commissioned, with a party at the Coosa Country Club.

The young men honored were Capt. Ray G. Stewart, Capt. William Patton, Capt. Mark A. Cooper, Lieut. Jamie Cothran, Lieut. Hiles Hamilton, Lieut. S.M. Wynn, Lieut. Louis King, Lieut. Loftin Stamps, Lieut. Francis McKenzie and Lieut. P.D. Burke Jr.