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100 Years Ago

As it appeared in the Fifty Years Ago column in the Wednesday, Jan. 25, 1967, edition of the Rome News-Tribune

With the loved flag of the Confederacy as the central feature on the stage and in a gathering of which grey-haired veterans of the Lost Cause formed the most notable part, the birthday of Robert E. Lee was celebrated this week in Rome at the auditorium of the Carnegie Library, by a reverent audience and a program of exercises that recalled the memories of the Civil War.

Those participating in the event were the Rev. G.G. Sydnor, Judge J.W. Maddox, of the United Sons of the Confederate Veterans and Dr. J.D. Thomas; Cunningham Nixon, of the Sons of the Veterans; Mrs. C. Terhune, of the United Daughters of the Confederacy; Mrs. J.A. Rounsaville, of the UDC. Members of the high school chorus sang patriotic songs.


President Woodrow Wilson personally addressed the members of the U.S. Senate this week a half century ago, warning them that the United States could not be neutral in the affairs of the world.

The President said that the present war in Europe was the last great war which this country could take no part. He also asked in his address whether the U.S. would enter a world peace league, thereby abandoning its policy of isolation with no entangling alliances.

Some senators were reported as thinking this speech was the noblest utterance since the Declaration of Independence.


A list of popular songs were released this week fifty years ago by Wyatt’s Book Store. They included “Yaddie, Kaddie, Kiddie, Kaddie Kee,” “Twas Only an Irishman’s Dream,” “On the Sanrich Isles,” “How’s Every Little Thing in Dixie?” and “A Broken Doll,” recorded by Al Jolson. … The Rome Baseball Association stockholders met this week a half century ago and elected officers for the coming year. The directors of the association included Messers. S.L. Graham, M.S. Lanier, Wright Willingham, M.D. Daniel, C.J. Wyatt, S.H. Smith and W.E. Wimberly. …


A small but elegantly appointed luncheon was given by Mrs. Paul cooper at Woodhaven for her guest, Mrs. Walter G. Cooper, of Atlanta. A delicious menu was served and coffee was poured in the living room.

Covers were marked for Mrs. Cooper, Mrs. Walter Cooper, Mrs. A.W. Van Hoose, Mrs. Mark McDonald, Mrs. Robert Harbin, Mrs. William Harbin and Mrs. C.W. King.