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100 Years Ago


As it appeared in the December 1917 editions of the Rome Tribune-Herald

Rome is short of sugar.

The supply on hand is practically exhausted, according to local wholesale and retail merchants and should conditions remain as they are Rome will have a sugarless Christmas.

A retail merchant said yesterday that he attempted to purchase several hundred pounds of sugar in the Rome market for his Christmas trade and was very much chagrined to learn that 200 pounds was all he could obtain, that being all that was for sale. Retail merchants are asking their customers to make their purchases as small as possible and they ask that consumers cooperate with them in their efforts to minimize sales in order that everyone may share in the small supply on hand. The local bakery is also out of sugar and will try to get a supply in Atlanta.

The following telegram was received last night by the Associated Press: New York – The bulk of the new Cuban sugar crop will soon become available in the New York market under an agreement reached at a conference of the Cuban sugar commission and the international sugar committee, fixing the base price at $4.60 per hundred pounds in Cuban ports.


Forty-six minutes from Lindale to Rome – a distance of a bit more than four miles, was about the schedule that the Lindale people going to Rome were compelled to put up with. This very punk schedule is the result of the one-man system — oh yes, they had two men out on the Lindale cars, but not all the way through the system — the most of the time was lost getting into and out of the main part of Rome. Cars going into Rome from Lindale waited in each switch from three to five minutes.

It is a dead certainty that Rome is going to have this tantalizing service from this Rome concern just as long as they try to operate in the present manner.


If you owe a fellow something or want to borrow money and if you make a note for it, you will have to add 2 cents for every $100 as war tax, beginning today.

Also, you will have to pay 1 cent extra for every 25 cents postage on a parcel post package.

You will have to affix a 50 cents revenue stamp on a deed or transfer of property for every $100 of value.

If you execute a power of attorney it will cost you a 25 cents stamp.

The new war revenue tax law becomes effective today.

There are many other instruments to which revenue stamps will have to be attached and many other transactions that will net the government some revenue but those named above are the most ordinary transactions by private individuals that are taxed.


The corps of engineers of the American army since April has not only been supplying the engineer equipment for more than 1,000,000 men, but the members of the railway section have undertaken to transport and install and put in operation overseas a complete railway equipment.

The engineers have also undertaken the work of organizing and equipping troops for special services, such as lumber supply, road construction, sanitary construction, camouflage service, gas and flame service, mining work and mapping.