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100 Years Ago


As it appeared in the Fifty Years Ago column in the Sunday, Jan. 8, 1967, edition of the Rome News-Tribune

The year 1916 slipped into the annals of history as the year 1917 began to unfold. But 1917 had not yet shaped its own destiny and events of 1916 lingered in the new year.

The powerful Germans were still on the move in Europe, eating up tiny European countries like a lawnmower moving across a field of grass. Much closer to home, the Mexican border was aflame, lighted and fed by fearsome bandits led by the notorious Villa.

Rome moved into 1917 with great expectations for it had been offered an exciting opportunity – to be home of a federal armor plant. Several of Rome’s businessmen had journeyed to Washington to plead for the location of the plant here and the city was enjoying nationwide publicity as a possible site for the important plant.


But the new year also spurred the birth of several new events. The Rome Associated Charities was formed and was to begin its work this week with the arrival of Miss Watt Cordlier Glorieux to direct the program. Members of the Board of Directors included Charles T. Jervis, chairman, Mrs. Alec Harris, C.L. Wilkerson, Ike may, J. Scott Davis and Mrs. R.M. Harbin. ... A new bank was opened this week a half century ago which was named the Floyd County Bank. … A survey of the proposed route for a state highway from Rome to Menlo was completed. The highway was to lead from Rome to Menlo, via Summerville, leading over Lookout Ridge. … The Rome Woman’s Club was negotiating with the Boston Braves and the New York Giants to have both baseball teams play an exhibition in Rome in the spring. …


New Year’s Eve was celebrated by a group of young Romans at a party given by Misses Amelia Berry and Verrah Coalson, who gave an informal house dance at the home of the former. 

Those dancing included Misses Tot Moultrie, Martha Shorter Hamilton, Lee Ella Dean, Messrs. LeRoy Glover, A.B. Arrington Jr., Barrington King, Battey Coker, Jean Jervis, Allison Ledbetter, James O’Neill and Willie Barron.


A pair of silk hose was the prize won by Mrs. James Maddox at a lovely bridge party held at the home of Mrs. Donald Hancock fifty years ago honoring Mrs. G.W. Holmes Cheney, the guest of Mrs. G.A. Nunnally. Mrs. Cheney was presented with a dainty collar of Georgette crepe.

Other guests included Mrs. Barry Wright, Mrs. Bolling Sullivan, Mrs. Gordon Hight, Mrs. J.B. McCartney, Mrs. William McWilliams, Mrs. Ernest Lindsey, Miss Phebe Hughes, Mrs. James Maddox, Mrs. Simpson Penney, Miss Bessie Moore, Mrs. Frank Woodruff, Mrs. Harry Riley, Mrs. Roy Berry and Mrs. Frank McGhee.