Can telling yourself positive things really help you boost your mood? Help you get out of a funk? Perhaps. Affirmations, those little lines of positivity that can be chanted in a mantra or just repeated as you meditate, can be a wonderful way of training your brain.

Affirmations can be found online for free, they don’t require any training or special classes to learn, simply do a Google search and find a few of your favorites and write or print them out for you to repeat. I personally have five or so favorites that I repeat when I wake up and before I go to sleep at night. It’s a good way to begin the day, and to end the day – almost like bathing yourself in a positive light.

Many clients come for our meditations because of the affirmations we use. Several of those clients that didn’t feel that the affirmations did much, return weeks later and tell me how much better they feel. I try to remind them that listening to negativity and hurtful words took a long time to sink in and color their outlook, it will take more than one day of positive affirmations to get them into a better state of mind. This is why I truly advocate using affirmations on a nightly basis. Just a few minutes a night, repeating — out loud — your affirmations can help your brain slowly begin to see things in a more positive mindset.

This isn’t to say that repeating a few lines a day is going to cure you of depression or you’ll never be angry and upset, but it will help you begin to see and feel things a bit more on the brighter side of life.

Affirmations are fun, easy to use, and a little bit of beauty in a world that can be harsh, dark, and demanding. And really, isn’t anything that we can grasp that is good in this world worth trying?

Namaste, Rome.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is a local yoga instructor and shiatsu bodywork therapist. Readers can contact her at