I have a confession. I truly don’t think anyone, ever, truly coasts through this life blissfully happy and content.

I believe that there is a true push in the wellness or holistic community to put on the illusion that with enough yoga, or meditation, or lavender essential oil or whatever, your problems are going to fade into the distance and you’re going to be thinner, happier, and the envy of your neighbors. I see the YouTube videos and I see the Instagrammers, and this drive for perfection, and it makes me sad. Sad because I get people that come to me and tell me that they don’t think they want to continue because “they have to be doing something wrong because they’re still struggling finding that ‘inner bliss’”.

Now, I can’t tell you what others think or feel, I can only report from my own vantage point on this big blue marble we call earth. But what I believe deep down in my soul is that we are all here fighting a battle. Each one of us, from the poorest to the well to do. Everyone is fighting a battle. The battles may be completely different, but they’re there. Whether it’s a battle to be the best, to be seen, to be heard, to make someone happy, to make them love themselves, or just to get through the day, these battles are real and they’re difficult. And…

I don’t think that yoga, meditation, lavender essential oil or anything like that is going to fix it. I actually saw a studio boast that a retreat they offered would cure those who went from a variety of stress induced conditions. It horrified me and reminded me of how careful I am with my words. No amount of kale is going to cure you of your depression. Essential oils will not cure your diabetes. That headstand is not going to cure you of your slipped disk.

While being on a wellness routine can and definitely will help your symptoms, give you better days, and possibly extend the quality of your life, it is not a cure. What wellness providers do, and what each of them should focus on instead of throwing out wild claims, is to provide their clients with everything in their arsenal to help them get through the day, get through those battles, and be a little bit better because of it.

So.. this week I ask everyone that reads this… Be kind, both to others and to yourself. Recognize the battles that rage in others as well as in you. And be proud for him, her, they, and you that live to fight another day…may it be brighter than the day you’ve left behind.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is a local yoga instructor and shiatsu bodywork therapist. Readers can contact her at www.romebodyworkandwellness.com.