elizabeth powell

At 24, Elizabeth was voted Best Realtor in the 2018 Rome News-Tribune’s Best Of Awards. That’s a pretty big deal considering all the talented real estate professionals in Rome. The 2013 Pepperell High grad grew up in a family of realtors. So she knew exactly what career path she’d choose. Immediately after graduating from high school, she began the real estate course with Jason Free School of Realty after high school and passed her state exam that year. She’s now a realtor with Keller Williams Realty.

“As a realtor, the ultimate goal is to provide your clients with their dream house,” Elizabeth said. “When you think about it, this is their life line, and largest purchase. When a client trusts me entirely with the transaction of their home, it truly humbles me. The plus to my career is the amount of friendships that are created within every transaction. My clients are not just clients. They’re part of my family.”

Elizabeth said being voted Best Realtor in Rome was a humbling experience, saying she is blessed to know that her hard work pays off. But she also wants to give back to the community that has given her so much. She’s joining the Junior Service League this year which she’s pretty excited about. And as a member of the Keller Williams family, she participates each year in an event called Red Day. As a company they get out in the community and work. Last year they helped one family get a remodeled kitchen and a wheelchair ramp and another family had their entire house painted. From time to time she also volunteers at the Community Kitchen.”

When she’s not working, Elizabeth spends time with her family — husband Colin and daughter Annistyn. She and her husband work together which Elizabeth says is a great working relationship.

“Colin and I actually work great together,” she said. “My weakness is his strength, and we complement each other very well. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are days where we want to strangle one another, but for the most part, we work pretty well together. As far as being a parent in my career, there are definite perks. With me being my own boss, I am able to bring my little munchkin along with me if need be. My clients are understanding if that’s the case. Colin and I are blessed to have family who help with Annistyn if our schedules clash. If I had the choice, I don’t think I could ever change our hectic lifestyle. I’d say it’s easier rather than tougher.”

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