Chad Smith

One doesn’t generally think of church leaders and used car salesman in the same sentence. That’s a big part of what makes Trinity Motorcar Company owner Chad Smith such a special individual. When he’s not trying to convince someone to love one of his used cars during the week, he’s convincing people to love the Lord in his role as associate pastor of the Glade Road Baptist Church on the weekend.

“That’s why I’ve been successful. My business model has nothing to do with the car business. It has everything to do with honesty and integrity and treating people right,” Chad says. “In fact, the URL for Trinity Motorcar website is Other dealers have you sign an ‘As is’ form and if it breaks in half when you cross the line, well, you own both halves. I stand behind every car that we sell and make sure that they get a good vehicle.”

Honesty and integrity are key to the message he and his wife of 20 years want to convey not just to the public, but most importantly to their two children, a son, age 17, and a daughter who is five.

He got his start in the business world working with People’s Finance almost 20 years ago. He decided to open the used car business about three years ago after learning from others he had worked for until he was convinced he was ready to go out on his own.

“I actually felt the Lord leading me to do it,” Chad says. “I felt real good about taking the leap.”

He says once the decision was made he was all in. His leap of faith has paid off nicely, growing the lot from about ten cars when he first opened to around 170 at this time. His goal is to sell about 150 cars a month and he’s well on his way to reaching that goal. In March, he turned over 76 vehicles.

Raising the capital was tough a first.

“I was very fortunate in some people that I had run into before in the business who decided that I was worth the chance,” he says.

Smith believes the relationships that the was able to cultivate over a long career in the finance industry have been immeasurably helpful no.

“Nobody is successful without help,” he says.

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