For week three of our seven-week introspect on chakras, we’ll be looking at the solar plexus chakra.

The understanding of and constant practice of opening the chakras has immense benefits to one’s mind, body, and soul. Although many might not subscribe to the belief and practice of chakras, they can be connected to each and every ailment that the human body experiences, from physical disease, to emotional unrest, to a non-existent spiritual outlet. A deeper look into the history and purpose of chakras is necessary for individuals to fully understand and manipulate them to their fullest potential.

The Third Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is our third chakra. Its name is Manipura and it is the source of our intuition and our will power. “Manipura” translates to a “lustrous gem”.

It is symbolized by the color yellow and is located from just above your belly button on your abdomen. It is part of the Fire element and is associated with the liver, adrenal glands, spleen, pancreas, digestive system, gall bladder, and the small intestine.

If you have gall bladder issues, liver problems, depression, poor metabolism, a sugar imbalance, stress, adrenal issues, lack of self esteem or poor digestion you may have a solar plexus chakra imbalance.

The third chakra is known by the sound of a roaring fire and the energy of power. Crystals that can help balance include peridot, tiger’s eye, citrine, a yellow sapphire or a carnelian. Essential oils that may help include grapefruit, lemon, spearmint, ginger, cardamom, juniper berry, sweet orange, and mandarin. Good flower essences for this chakra are the buttercup, luffa, dandelion and the rose of Sharon.

This chakra develops between the ages of 14 and 21 years of age.

Solar plexus chakra helping yoga poses include the cobra, cow, cat, and bow. Meditating with the mantra “RAM” is for the third chakra, as well as setting your intention for personal power and self-control.

Next week, we’ll be learning about the Heart Chakra, or you can look at my book 7 Day Chakra Balance, on Amazon, to get a more in depth look at each chakra and its balancing needs.

Namaste, Rome. I love you. You are my community, my clients, and my path.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is an Ayurveda and shiatsu bodywork therapist and certified registered yoga teacher. Readers can contact her at

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