There are so many of you fellow community members that I see running yourself haggard over work, job, school, and family. Everyone is getting a part of you, except yourself. I see you there, hanging on, trying to pour from that empty pitcher.

When are you going to love yourself as much as you love them?

Self care is so much more than getting your nails done or getting a facial; it is about taking care of yourself. Getting your body and mind to relax, to ease some of those tensions that you hold on to. That stress and tension will manifest in so many ways if it is not dealt with. It will lower your immunity – making you more apt to get sick. It can lead to physical ailments like headaches and disturbed sleep – making you more irritable and unable to be your best self.

I’ve seen tension and strain lay in the bodies of my clients, manifesting in myofascial knots and tight muscles.

While I wish everyone would take care of themselves for the benefit of themselves, you can also think of it another way – your self care helps everyone you’re around from friends and family, to co-workers and acquaintances. Taking time to refill your pitcher allows you to keep filling others up. By being better to yourself, you also are able to make other’s better as well.

Self care is every care.

So, at the least, take a day and find something for you. Something that will make you happy. Indulge in a good book. Get that hour of bodywork. Paint those nails. Get that fabulous conditioning treatment splurge at the hair salon. Take a class. Make art. Walk in the park.

There is so much out there waiting for you to be part of, it’s missed you.

Find it again.

Namaste, Rome. I love you my community, my clients, and my path.

Tina Samuels, a native of Rome, is a Ayurveda and shiatsu bodywork therapist and certified registered yoga teacher. Readers can contact her at

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