Seven young women from the greater Rome area began their debutante year Saturday evening when they were presented at the 30th Rome Symphony Debutante Ball. The ball was held at the Coosa Country Club and benefits the Rome Symphony Orchestra.

The 2019 Rome Symphony Debutantes are:

Miss Mary Ellison Brewster, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Edward Brewster. Presented by Mr. Mark Edward Brewster, escorted by Mr. Elijah Raine Frix.

Miss Caroline Branyon Cordell, daughter Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lindsey Cordell, III. Presented Mr. Howard Lindsey Cordell, III, escorted by Mr. Robert William Cain.

Miss Madeline Grace Hurley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William B. Hurley and Jody H. Hurley. Presented by Mr. William B. Hurley, escorted by Mr. Benjamin Tanner Rowburrey.

Miss Madeleine Grace Sabourin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donald Sabourin. Presented by Mr. Thomas Donald Sabourin, escorted by Mr. Nolan Tyler Wilson.

Miss Amanda Caroline Temples, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Don Temples. Presented by Mr. Billy Don Temples, escorted by Mr. Joseph Porter Ingram

Miss Sarah Victoria Whitley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Kidder Whitley. Presented by Mr. Jonathan Kidder Whitley, escorted by Mr. Jackson Thomas Barton.

Miss Jamila Adia Wood, daughter of Andrea Johnson Wood and Darrell Eugene Wood, senior. Presented by Mr. Darrell Eugene Wood, senior, escorted by Mr. Khalil Kiing Gibbons.